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                                                                                                                         A PROUD HERITAGE


Sons of Norway is a fraternal benefit and cultural society dedicated to preserving Norwegian heritage

in North America and strengthening the ties between North America and modern Norway. 


Through local lodge activities, members can celebrate their Norwegian heritage in their own community

and enrich that community by sharing this heritage with others. 


From torsk dinners to folk dancing, from language classes to Viking ship regattas,

lodge activities make the Norwegian heritage come alive. 


Sons of Norway members believe tradition and heritage are worth preserving for the future.



How it all began..
Sons of Norway was founded in 1895, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by 18 young men of Norwegian background. 
These young men joined together to provide fellowship and security for themselves in a new country with many different customs and languages,
to offer mutual help to one another in case of hardship or sickness and to preserve a very proud heritage. 
Sons of Norway continued to grow and form other locations known as “lodges.”  
Through the “lodge” system, Sons of Norway aims to unite men, women and children of Nordic background together. 
The emphasis of the lodge is to emphasize all that is good in their heritage and foster better citizenship. 
Sons of Norway provides continuity, or a link, between our Norway descendants of yesteryear and our contemporary culture of today.  
Now Sons of Norway has close to 65,000 members who belong to nearly 400 locally governed lodges across Canada, the United States and Norway.  


Vennekretsen Lodge #1-559 was organized November 30, 1976, with 150 charter members.  Today there are 210 members.